Hello world

Hello World, I'm Kolin, the creator, and imagination behind this space. I'd like to quickly welcome and thank you for stopping by. A quick read about me ;) - I was born and raised on the Canadian prairies and grew up doing things that Canadians do. Such as, playing ice hockey, exploring the outdoors and eating pancakes with maple syrup, that was up until the age of 33 or 2017-18 when my wife Jen and I decided to take a year and travel our planet (33 countries and seven continents of it) which gave us a new profound appreciation for the natural and cultural diversities that exist within it. Fast forward to TODAY, 2021 or 3 years later. I've been living in, and capturing the stunning island of Phuket since 2019, and the surrounding destinations in Southern Thailand. Partnering with companies showcasing their businesses and helping to show people the beauty of Thailand, with the goal they return and experience it for themselves.